Whats our Policy?

Your support needs for Inzant Sales, Inzant Web, EDI Integration and any other Inzant product/service are provided and managed via our Online support centre, found here. Outlined below is the essential information contained in our support policy.



Support Portal

The link above to the support portal allows you to visit the site and review the main functionality, which is;


  1. Allow for any user to raise a new support ticket
  2. Allow company support contacts to view and manage existing tickets
  3. Provide access to a comprehensive knowledge base of Articles, FAQs and Guides.

Access to the HelpCentre information is completely unrestricted, so any and all company users can visit and use the online resources we've made available. We’ve built a short guide on using the support portal, which can be downloaded here [link to hosted PDF in website].



Support Contacts

Inzant will allow 2 contacts from your business to have logins to the online support portal, which will allow them to add, view, manage and respond to support tickets. Support tickets can still be raised by other company members, however they will be manually merged onto one of the company contacts provided to Inzant.




How to raise a ticket

The preferred method of receiving a ticket for Inzant will be online using the Submit a ticket functionality within the support portal, raised by a Support contact. Inzant does however understand that this isn’t always practical – or possible – and we do facilitate tickets being raised by other users in other ways. In general though, the below diagram outlines the process that should be followed before raising a ticket with Inzant.

How to raise a support case

Methods of Raising a Support Ticket

Support Portal

Support Portal

Use our comprehensive support ticketing system to have a greater understanding of all correspondance you've had with Inzant on support matters, in addition to getting access to the online help centre.

Direct Email

Direct Email

Inzant does accept support tickets being raised by emailing directly at Inzant has a 24 hour response time target for all new or existing cases.



If the issue is urgent then Inzant does recommend still using phone support, and most of the time the issue can be resolved over the phone. 

What is a support issue?

A support issue is something that is not functioning correctly with the system as per Inzant’s understanding. Any support issues discovered can usually be resolved permanently so shouldn’t occur again, however data related issues can sometimes reoccur.


Some good examples of what is not covered in our support policy are Helpdesk and Feature Requests. If you aren’t sure how to use a feature of our system this is not a support query, it is a training request. Inzant’s support team does not provide ongoing training for users, they are tasked with ensuring your system continues to function correctly.


If you believe a feature in the system should work differently you are more than welcome to discuss it with us and we’ll assess the request and potentially it could either make it into the system free of charge as a feature enhancement or we could look at the request on a custom development basis for you.