What is Integration?

So what does accounts integration mean for your business? Having a sales system that integrates with your account package means when your reps finilize an order it is instantly sent to your accounts package meaning no rekeying of orders. Integration also means all of your price lists, customer information, stock count, supplier information, order history and product details are able to be updated on one system and synced to the other.
Inzant is at the for front of sales systems when it comes to integrations. 'Inzant plays well with others' means Inzant delivers cutting edge integration systems for almost all accounts packages currently on the market, we also offer custom integration if your business uses a package we are yet to integrate with don't hesitate to contact us with any questions! 


The Inzant Development team have extensive experience integrating with MYOB, and have created a seemless integration system where all information flows between our Inzant apps and sites with your MYOB accounts package, saving you time and money!


Orders are sent from Inzant straight through to XERO whilst product & customer information are imported into the Inzant system instantly through our cutting edge Web Services integration software.


Inzant Sales will seemlessly integrate with your Reckon accounts package. Inzant has extensive experience integrating with Reckon and has developed a system that saves time and money for its users. 

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Inzant plays well with others