A Feature in Focus: Approved Product Lists.


Inzant Sales Plus A Feature in Focus: Approved Product Lists.

An Approved Product List (APL) is a way of limiting what products certain customers have access to order. With the ability to configure specific lists of items via campaigns (APLs are a new type of campaign). Approved Product Lists can be assigned to specific groups of Retailers (groups can be Retailer Types, Grades, Chains, Territories & other custom field filters). Retailers in the configured lists will then only be able to view items configured in the APL on both the website and the iPad.

Why would you need an APL?

• A chain / group of customers could have a corporate arrangement to limit the products being stocked to a specific range or set of ranges.

• You may want to only sell certain products to certain types of retailers.

• Certain products potentially should not be sold in certain regions geographically.

How to Configure

This is an Inzant Professional Plus feature, contact Inzant for help on configuring APL’s in the Admin Client, as well as to access Professional Plus app.

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