Uplift your Up sell with Inzant Sales


Upselling helps businesses be more profitable, aids sales reps achieve targets and makes customers feel understood and taken care of.  A good salesperson can add perceived value to a sale that the customer is already willing to make, as well as offer upgrades to purchases that increase the value and overall bottom line, benefiting everyone.

The Inzant Sales system has a large number of selling features that can be seamlessly utilized to motivate an existing customer increase the value of their purchase. Learning to upsell via the Inzant Sales System is just like any new skill; one that needs to be practiced and nurtured.

Mastering the upsell is a vital skill that you can learn by approaching each sale smartly, making use of various upsell techniques, and laying the groundwork for repeat business.

The best asset a salesperson can bring to any upsell approach is their knowledge, having an intimate under-standing of their products will help ensure their customers feel comfortable with placing their trust in them. The more the Salesperson knows about their products, the more they will be able to effectively communicate and convey  how different products can add value and convenience to their customers, which in turn will allow them to know when it is appropriate to recommend upgrades or alternatives. 

Offer other additional related products by using the product filter feature and presenting customers with a tailored image presentation using just those relevant products.  Or alternatively display a new catalogue or special offer items related to the initial product.  

Along with these skills a comprehensive understanding of all the features available on the Inzant Sales system is key to using all the selling features to your advantage.  Brushing up on these skills is easy with Inzant’s Comprehensive Help and Feature Library.

An excellent Salesperson is one that can read each individual situation when it presents and judge the appropriate time to pursue the upsell.

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