To Grade or Not to Grade? Profiling your Customers




In order to ensure the maximum benefit to our Inzant Sales system users, we have decided to feature some potential sales pointers and handy hints to make sure that our users are using the system to its fullest potential.


One feature of the Inzant System that we feel could be used more predominantly is the ability to classify and grade your customers into logical groups. The criteria that the grading of customers is based on varies between companies but the purpose is the same, qualifying customers ensures that there is a proper allocation of resources allotted to the customers based which category they fall into.


For example a customer who orders regularly, pays their bills on time and is willing to try new products will be classified as an “A grade” customer, this is especially helpful for a Sales Rep when entering a new role with no current established relationships with their customers. This feature helps to ensure that they are not spending an inordinate amount of time presenting to a customer that is only classified as a “D grade” customer, i.e. irregular orders and constant outstanding invoices. Another good example could be the experienced rep who knows there is only enough time for one more sale in the day and they have a choice between two customers, grading the customers will allow the rep to choose the better option.


The ability to secure the sale is one that is vitally important to the sales team, in addition however; it is important to monitor the way in which the salesperson leads the prospect into action. Making the ordering process as easy and enjoyable as possible for your customers will ensure that you are not only generating a positive experience for your customers but also a spokesperson for your company and products.


Remember that the cost of acquiring a new customer can be far more expensive in terms of time and company resources, so building a solid relationship based on trust will make your initial customers repeat buyers, ensuring more “A Grade” customers for your business. 


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