Storing and collecting customer details


Sending out newsletters and promotional material to clients or potential clients is a fantastic way to give your business an edge. A well written and designed piece of marketing material can be what stands between your business and winning that next customer over.

Our development team understands that collecting and storing contact details for your marketing material can be time consuming or just plain frustrating so we have listened and developed a whole new way of collecting and storing contact information.

Now you can store multiple contacts with in each of your customers, this means you can as many points of contact as you need for each customer. These contact details can easily be collected while you’re on a sales call using the Inzant Sales app. From the Inzant Sales app your contacts will then be stored in the cloud which can easily be exported to platforms such as Mailchimp or Zoho where you can create and sending out marketing material. Easy, quick and practical! 

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