Say goodbye to paper ordering and hello to the future of sales!


Imagine that you are a sales rep who carries between 4 and 6 kg of paper catalogues around every day, to each sales call on average from all the sales reps we surveyed. This is a huge weight to be carrying around for anyone, not only that it’s costly for your business and not environmentally friendly.

Let’s take for example a company with twenty sales reps to give each rep a full catalogue with specials sheets and order forms, it would take approximately 3 trees and 60 reams of paper 60 REAMS OF PAPER!

That’s a cost of approximately $199.6 in paper alone, not including the printing costs…

These catalogues can be changed annually, biannually or quarterly. Pages are also often taken out and new ones are added much more frequently these are usually for new products and deals. Not to mention catalogues being replaced due to damage or a rep leaving them behind.

Ditching the catalogues will also save your business time, no more time spend printing off new catalogues for the office staff. Best of all reps will save time searching through hundreds of pieces of paper trying to find catalogues with Inzant’s clever product display and ordering system.

Wouldn’t it be nice for these poor reps with their sore arms and backs (from carrying all of this paper) to be able to have a system where they could carry just one iPad?

Inzant saves you time, money and back aches while giving your business a professional green solution. Sign up today before your competition beats you to it. 

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