Easy Reports at your fingertips – Ad Hoc Reporting


The main goal we have always had at Inzant was to empower reps with the tools they need to be professional Sales people with all pertinent information available within the App, and a big part of this is the ability for reps to be in control and aware of their own Sales stats.  This is where the Reporting functionality on the App comes into his own.


Taking a closer look at the most user friendly reporting capabilities Inzant has released to date, what is referred here to as the Ad Hoc reporting.


  • On this screen you can select the date range of the sales stats you wish to see you wish to by selecting the start and end date.

  • You can filter the Retailers by Retailer Chain, Grade, Type, Sales Territory and state.

  • When you select the Retailer filter you can then filter them further based on a value, so if I select Sales territory as my Retailer filter I can then go and select the specific Territory.

  • Products can also be filtered based on the Product Category.

  • The results of your report will automatically group by Retailer, showing you the name, the order number and date as well as the value of the order and if you scroll down you can see the total Value of all these orders.

  • However you can also Group the results based on the Product order stats, sorting by Product Name, if any bonuses were given the total order quantity and the value. So you can see how much of an individual Product has been sold.

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